Justin & Clare Wed at Yandina Station


What was the one thing that made this wedding stand out from the rest?


After a few hours of photographing all the wedding prep, it was finally time for the ceremony.  I arrived at the ceremony (at the stunning Yandina Station) and there was a real buzz of expectation in the air – ‘hmmm, this is one excited crowd’ I thought.  I started getting my cameras sorted and as I stood up Steph the videographer excitedly whispered to me, ‘he’s got a dog! There’s a dog down the front!’.

Oh my goodness. I had just entered wedding heaven.

And I had just figured out why you could cut the anticipation in the air with a knife!  Turns out that Clare had been pestering Justin for a dog for quite some time – she had her heart set on a groodle who would be named, ‘Stanley’.  Justin had cunningly put her off the scent telling her they needed to wait until they owned their own house etc.  But his master plan was coming to fruition in front of us all…he would surprise Clare by being at the end of the aisle holding Stanley, a groodle he had been on a waiting list for months to get….what a moment!  I know you’ll love seeing her reaction in the photos!

I overheard a guy lamenting to Justin afterwards – ‘man, you just set the bar HIGH for the rest of us!’.  Ha! Yes he did!

While Stanley was a highlight, the rest of the wedding was just…dreamy.  Clare in a dress by Darb Bridal Couture (to die for!), Justin in an outfit he organise 1 week before the wedding (but we forgive him because he was busy organising a puppy right!?), flowers by Justin’s aunty (don’t.even.get.me.started!), arch made by Justin, and just about every other little detail made by Clare and her two talented and generous sisters – the cake, the flowergirl dresses, the invites, the place cards, the menu’s…it goes on and on!

The whole wedding was an absolute dream and being it was for one of my dearest childhood friends, for me it was all the more special.

Congratulations Clare & Justin xo

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  1. Nicole

    This has to be the most amazing and beautiful wedding I have ever seen. You have captured their special moments so wonderfully.

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