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The Big Story | On Being a Team

60th wedding anniversary

I recently asked my grandparents, June and Doug, a few questions about marriage.  Here’s one snippet of wisdom from their 59 years together.

What is the recipe for a successful marriage?

Ma – Never go to sleep on an argument.  Always settle the argument so as when you get up in the morning you’re fresh.

Pa – We were a team from 12 months before we married.  We were building a house together and most of the time when I was working on the house on a Saturday, June was there looking after things, getting smoko’s and dinners organised.  We were a team and we had a common goal in preparing our house.  After we were married, when we first moved back from our honeymoon into our new home – it had no front door, it wasn’t lockable, it was on an ex-farm and there was no road down to the house and it was pretty primitive – we had all these adjustments that we had to make.

For two years we didn’t have a vehicle except for a motorbike so I used to transport June down to the station every morning before I went to work. I’d get home from work before her in the afternoons and do some washing and start peeling the spuds for dinner, and then I’d pick her up from the station.  I was working at the Golden Circle factory and June was travelling into town to work as a milliner.

When the babies started coming we had to build cots together and make a home, and then our first baby Melitta was quite sick her first year so that drew us into that teamwork again.  We built a strong relationship throughout our married life through lots of projects we’ve accomplished together.

The moral of the story?  Teamwork makes the dream work.  And ladies, make sure you reeeeally like that motorbike.  Click here to read more of Doug and June’s story.

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Family Portrait Prices | Brisbane Portrait Photographer


While my first love is wedding photography, I do also love to do portraits.  I know that sometimes we are hesitant to ask for a price list for fear of feeling obligated to book, or worse, hounded with sales pitches.  So, I thought it might be helpful for the shy amongst us if I posted the prices for family sessions for all to see.

I also think it will help the savers out there – now you know what you’re aiming for!  Family portraits will never happen unless you make them a priority and plan them into your schedule.  I am such a sentimental soul and was so dismayed recently to realise that I hadn’t had family photos for nearly three years!  I love the Hewitt’s approach – once a year they carve out time and finance, and plan their portraits, and now they have a beautiful wall filled with memories to show for it.

This is just a portion of the portrait information pack I send out.  For a complete portrait information pack including help with choosing a location and outfits, pricing of keepsakes, details of other portrait types including maternity and proposals, and how to book, email

Family portrait prices family portrait prices

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Keepsakes | Brisbane Wedding & Portrait Photography



One of the biggest shames in our wonderfully digital age is when beautiful photos get held hostage on a hard drive.  I’ve recently launched a new range of keepsakes in hopes that those of you that I photograph will release your images to the world!  Or at least enjoy them in the cosiness of your own home.

I also think they’re perfect for gifting to the loved ones in your life – what mother/grandmother wouldn’t adore 12 months worth of your gorgeous face as a christmas/birthday present?  Perfect and easy…take a look.


Fine Art Block Prints

12 square images printed on a matte, eggshell textured card.  Exhibited in a simple wood block they are the perfect addition to your desk or bedside table.

Block presentation

Rustic Calendars

Display your loved ones year round on a 7.5×5.5 inch wooden clipboard.  Printed on a matte, eggshell textured card with a magnetic hanging system ready to adorn your kitchen.

Calendar presentation

Fine Art Prints

Heavy eggshell textured card in various sizes, ready for framing or display as a sophisticated stand-alone art piece.

fine art print presentation

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Top 3 Things To Have In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit | Brisbane Wedding Photographer

wedding day emergency kit

We all know that no matter how many years we’ve been planning for the perfect wedding day there will be some things that don’t go according to plan. As a wedding photographer I am usually in the thick of it in those last few hours before the big ‘I do’s’ so I’ve witnessed a couple of easily avoided minor meltdowns. A couple of years ago I started carrying these few simple things in my camera bag to prepare for those little hiccups. Here are the top 3 things to have in your wedding day emergency kit…

Brisbane Wedding

1 – SCISSORS – Whether it’s cutting the tag off those bridesmaid dresses, snipping the twine that’s helping to keep those aisle decorations in place, or giving the groom an emergency manicure, scissors are always handy!

2 – PEN PALS STAIN REMOVER – Wine on your wedding dress? No problem. It’s also small enough to pop in your little cocktail bag for any mishaps at the reception.

wedding emergency kit

3 – PANADOL – If you’re anything like me stress is a gateway to headaches. The last thing you want is your head pounding as you walk down the aisle so make sure you have some kind of pain relief on hand just in case.


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The Big Story | 59 Years and Counting | Brisbane Wedding Photographer



Meet my grandparents – Doug & June.  This year will see them reach their 59th wedding anniversary.  Yes, you read that correctly.

One of the best ways we can learn is from listening to those who have walked the path before us.  After having been through the valley of marriage and divorce myself, I marvel at my grandparents’ achievement.  And let’s not kid ourselves, it is an achievement.  There’s no such thing as coasting through the years whilst just happening to stay connected to someone in a loving and committed way. Marriage is hard work.  The good news is the reward far outweighs the hardship, and, it is possible to get through a lifetime together, as evidenced by these two.

So, over the next little while I thought I’d extract as much marriage wisdom out of my grandma and grandpa as I can and pass it on to you.  Firstly though, here is a little bit of their story.

How long have you been married?

Pa – Fifty-nine centuries.

How did you meet?

Pa – At a church camp down in Currumbin.  There was a room where there was a party going on in it and I arrived to the camp late, and went to the door of the room, saw June in the distance and I thought ‘Gee she’s a nice looking kid!’ and she was…so it went from there.  I was 19 and June was 16.  I had a motorbike and when we had the afternoons free I would take June out riding pillion and we would tour the area.

brisbane portrait photos

How long were you together before you got married?

Pa – About four years because June was only sixteen when we met.    We went out for about three years before we got engaged.

How many people were at your wedding?

Ma – One hundred and it was by invitation only.  They all came to the dinner afterwards but there were more at the ceremony.

How much did you wedding dress cost?

Ma – I don’t know, that was a long time ago!  I had it made by a dressmaker. I still have it but I cut the bottom off it because I wore it as a dress to a party once.

How much did the wedding cost?

Pa – I’m not sure.  We had lots of loving people around us – we had friends who supplied cars and all the people from the church brought trifles and other dishes for the reception.

Do you remember how much you paid for your wedding photography?

Ma – My parents paid for it because they got an album for themselves and one for me.  I’ve still got mine and mum’s and the photos are still holding up.  I still get it out and look at it a couple of times a year.

Pa – When she feels like a cry!  We have our wedding photos on our dressing table.


brisbane portrait photos


The moral of the story?  Invest in a wedding album because they last for a lifetime, and, chicks dig motorbikes.  Keep an eye out for more of their story over the next few weeks.


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